The beauty of art

Photo by Alyssa Sontag  Ig: @alyssa.sontag

Photo by Alyssa Sontag

Ig: @alyssa.sontag

The Beauty of Art

The beauty of art lies in the soul’s message 

Translated through the piece

It shines through the atmosphere

Reaching the retinas of widened eyes

Signaling nerve impulses

Birthing unlimited interpretation 

Ultimately resonating back with the soul



Art, like anything else is a conduit for our truth. Art is love. 

For me, art is a form of creative expression. Art allows me to see the beauty in this world. Art has no limitations. Art is liberating and expansive. Art is freeing. Art is non-judgmental. Art is pure. Art is manifestation of the soul. 

I love working with my hands. I have found art to be truly therapeutic. It has provided me with a safe place to release my thoughts, feelings and intentions. 

Every voice matters. When we dismiss messages from the light within ourselves we are unable to authentically be of service to others. This hinders our ability to step into our brightest potential. Believe it my friend, stepping into your light causes a significant impact on the universe. One of the many universal tasks I have in this life is to speak my truth.  This is why I enjoy writing and partially the reason I started this blog. The act of creative expression provides a safe channel for boundless, cathartic release. 

Creating a new piece of art is a spiritual journey in itself. Through this process I learn how to let go of restrictive thoughts and allow creative flow to manifest however it may. I feel most connected when I completely dissociate from what I think my art should look like and let my hands take the lead. In this space I am detached from my ideas of "right and wrong." I am unbound by the distinction between "beautiful and ugly." The beauty of art is held not within the presentation…it can be found within the essence of the piece. 

With love,