The Five Step Guide: Creating Time to Manifest Impactful Dreams

the 5 Step Guide: creating time to manifest impactful dreams pdf - available today!  Click  here  to begin your journey

the 5 Step Guide: creating time to manifest impactful dreams pdf - available today!

Click here to begin your journey

Phase 1 of the #Buildwithlove Campaign:

The Five Step Guide: Creating Time to Manifest Impactful Dreams

As human beings, we are all worthy of massive expansion and the fulfillment of our wildest dreams. 

I’m a big dreamer. I mean big time dreamer. As a young girl I always found myself escaping in to the world of imagination and endless possibilities. I am a huge Disney fan, primarily because I find it’s tales evoke a sense of child like wonder while speaking to the essence of a dream, giving seemingly impossible notions tangible output. I believe Walt Disney accurately depicts the outcome of marrying imagination with measurable action in his quote, 

“All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” 

One thing I have historically struggled with in manifesting my passions into existence is this:

the active engagement of daily execution.

Anyone relate?

With compelling and ambitious dreams in my heart I have historically found myself unable to move forward with bringing these dreams to reality as I found myself time after time, paralyzed in fear. Ultimately, I find myself in a wrestling match with the “enough’s”. The lack of action brought forth by belief in the false narrative I tell myself describing in detail the many ways in which I am not good enough, smart enough, funny enough, that my content will not resonate, that the message will not land in the hearts and minds of others or the ultimate, fear that I will “fail.” 

But here’s the thing - our thoughts are nothing more than the stories we choose to believe in each moment. We have the power to decide what narrative we would like to depict in the stories of our own lives. Because we are enough. We are good enough, smart enough, we have beautiful and unique personalities and our message contains a distinct purpose to touch the hearts of those around us. What others think of us is none of our business, and with that off of our plate, the world is our oyster. We can begin to take steps in taking action to manifest impactful dreams. I have found pausing based on fear alone is the ultimate source of stagnation in my own journey to manifesting personal passion projects. Success is not found in the outcome of the action, it lies within the action itself. 

Success is found in embodying a courageous vulnerability within the action steps of bringing our dreams to reality. When we make movement on the things that ignite our soul, when we engage in active expression to our community, we encourage positivity to blossom among others as well. Your gift, your passion, your dream, whatever it may be, is vital in this world and you are worth pursing the manifestation of your dream.

I am actively moving towards becoming a woman who acts on fulfilling these beautiful dreams that I have in my heart by taking steps to bring them into fruition. This post being one of my commitments to do just that. 

One thing that has helped me massively in the development of my passion projects is to get in the practice of taking action to manifest impactful dreams by scheduling time for daily executional tasks to bring my ideas into fruition. I now take 30 minutes in the morning before heading off to work to actively engage in action items necessary to bring my dreams to reality. I also have a regular morning Ashtanga yoga practice, so this means an early wake up call to make it to yoga earlier and provide myself 30 minutes of before commuting to work. Little adjustments like these can allow us to hold time and space to build the intuitive thoughts and dreams in to reality. 

That is why I am sharing my 5 Step Guide to Creating Time to Manifest Impactful Dreams pdf. with you! Through my own process of identifying my own creative initiatives and walking each dream through these five steps I have found true manifestation of my heart’s passions begin to occur and I want to share it all with you.

Because the world needs your art, your word, your dream. When we fully embrace our inner light and take measurable steps towards manifesting those ideas into reality, that is when the real magic can kick in to action.

Take the leap!

Join me and others as we walk this journey through making our dreams reality and #buildwithlove.

Click here to download your Five Step Guide: on Creating Time to Manifest Impactful Dreams. I can’t wait to hear what you make of it.

With Love,



Hi there!

My name is Brianna. If you follow me on Instagram, you may know me as @briannnasage. I am a digital marketing strategist, media content creator, writer, health & wellness enthusiast, & yogi, passionate about female entrepreneurship & women creating impactful work through inspired dreams.

I am excited to officially announce I will be utilizing my website as a platform focused on empowering all those who identify as women to embrace their fullest potential through personal and professional growth.  This website will be a space for inspired women around the world to build and grow digital projects, creative pursuits and passion interests.

Creating a space for women on the rise to learn and grow with one another has been something of interest to me for so long and I am absolutely thrilled to be shifting the focus of my website to better align with my own personal passions, goals, and dreams. My hope with this website is that women around the world are inspired to take the courageous leap of personal and professional growth by following their true hearts desire and seeing their passions come to life. 

Because the world needs your project, your art, your word. And the world needs more creative, passionate people building positive impact from a space of courageous spontaneity and kindness. The more individuals that are dedicated to building their passions from a place of love the greater impact can be made to harness goodness in the world by fostering positive creativity in the collective community. 

Because. YOU. matter.

To kick start this evolution I have built three upcoming creative initiatives surrounding a new campaign I am launching, the #buildwithlove campaign! This campaign is meant to encourage the creation of impactful work by walking through the boundaries of fear to build creative projects on a foundation of love. 

#buildwithlove women on the rise.png

The best news about the #buildwithlove campaign is just this- all creative pursuits are welcomed! The #buildwithlove campaign is meant to inspire you to create meaningful work and share your passions with the world. 

Be it a passion project, artwork, that one song you have been meaning to write but just can’t get to it, an impactful social post, studying for an exam, preparing for an upcoming work deliverable, the #buildeithlove campaign initiatives are designed to empower you to create impactful work for the benefit of yourself and your community. 

Over the course of 3 weeks I will be posting a series of blog posts paired with free worksheets that will guide you through strategic tips and suggested actions to fully enable you to create meaningful work and #buildwithlove.

I look forward to hearing how you use this campaign to build impactful work through the heart. If you’re already starting a project you would like to incorporate in the #buildwithlove initiative, use the #buildwithlove hashtag on your Instagram post or story and tag @briannnasage on Instagram to share how YOU are building your passions with a courageous heart!

With Love,


Starting Yoga as a Journey to Inner Transformation

“It is understood that the beauty of a rainbow does not negate the ravages of any storm. When a rainbow appears, it does not mean that the storm never happened or that we are not still dealing with it’s aftermath. It means that something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of the darkness and the clouds. Storm clouds may still hover, but the rainbow provides a counterbalance of color, energy, and hope.”

- Anonymous

photo: @alyssa.sontag

photo: @alyssa.sontag

Three years ago, my yoga journey began. I entered a small yoga studio with a mission to touch the parts of my soul in need of healing and growth. I struggled with pervasive negative self talk and body image insecurity. Starting yoga as a journey to inner transformation was a personal commitment to cultivate a deep sense of compassion for my body, mind, and soul. I have found true transformation, relief, and recovery to be a result of insane courage, faith, unconditional love, self acceptance, and action. 

At this time the Universe conveniently placed several strong, powerful, kind, spiritual women in my life. The common thread connecting these women whom I deeply admired was a shared practice of yoga. When in doubt, indecision or insecurity, I have learned to walk in the footsteps of the women who came before me. Through this action I gain a better sense of clarity, serenity, and faith. With a deep breath and a bit of practice, I can begin to feel a shift stir within myself.

Three years ago, I rolled out my mat and took the first step on a journey of inner healing. Scrunching my toes against the squishy texture of my mat, I woke up to the thoughts present my psyche. “You can’t fold like that. You’re not flexible enough for this. Look at that woman, she is way better at this than you. You should walk out now.” In that moment I realized how hard yoga was, purely from the awareness that it brought to the thoughts present within me. I knew then yoga would become crucial part of my spiritual growth. Yoga is now one of many keys to unlocking further spiritual, emotional, and physical transformation. 

I have since held a regular asana practice. I give back to my body, mind, and soul, with regular practice and devotion on my yoga mat. I have cried, many times (even in class) on my mat. I have opened my heart to walking through physical pain and experienced spiritual awakenings. Following my passion for learning and a keen interest in the practice of yoga, I walked through yet more fear (yay fear!) by attaining a 200 hr yoga teacher certification. I am a perpetual newbie, a young learner of this deep, beautiful practice and forever grateful for the transformation yoga has birthed in my life. 

To all those interested in starting a yoga practice, I dare you. I dare you to try!

Step outside the limitations of your mind.

Awaken to a new sense of purpose, of direction, and faith in the Universe.

Roll out your mat and fully embrace all parts of you today, here, now. 


See you on the mat!



Resolution Now

The end of 2017 provided a flood of personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Life's ever changing pace offers the potential to expand in higher frequencies, love on deeper levels and learn through humility.

This New Year's Eve, I was lucky enough to watch the last rays of sun settle under the San Francisco bay with my closest friend, Mikaela. 


Born exactly six months apart, Mikaela and I have grown over the years in love and laughter.


On New Year's Eve we connected through intimate conversation, disclosing our hopes, fears, and dreams. We reviewed moments we weren’t proud of and areas we would like to grow. We considered the limitless possibilities of the universe and recalled miracles that have occurred in our lives. 

Later on that evening I spent some time reflecting on the concept of New Year's resolutions with a group of incredible people. The message that came through that night was unanimous. Instead of searching for resolution once a year, true change can be found in the now.

We hold the power of the present moment to review and rewrite our existence. When we shift from within we cultivate change in our external environment. From this place our resolutions resonate throughout the world. In mindful reflection we can take any action necessary to expand to our fullest potential. Right now, we have the opportunity to begin again.

Every breath we take provides the gift of new life.


Take a deep breath. 

As we inhale-our lungs fill with oxygen, providing life to our cells and allowing our bodies to experience yet another moment in this world.

Exhale-we release into the atmosphere all that no longer serves our bodies. 

Inhale-and we are back in the present moment.

This moment is here for our prosperity. 

What will we make of it?


With Love, 


Radical Self-Love


We have one body. Muscles gently hold our bones in place providing strength and stability as we explore this earth. Our hearts carry rhythmic pulses of energy through intercalated cells. Vital life source surges through the rivers of our arteries and veins. Light participates in a delicate dance of reflection and absorption with the outside world birthing chromatic colors of the universe. Our brains receive intricate signals from the external environment and interpret each into significance. Beauty, love, and joy manifest in our bodies, forming a representation of our true spiritual nature.

At our essence we are of the divine. Our senses provide means for experience and connection. Feelings of joy, sadness, and even fear are all meant to connect us back with our center principal, love. We have one body. It is our responsibility to greet our bodies with sincerity, compassion, and radical self-love. You do not need to change. You have nothing to prove. Your body is a miracle in itself. Embrace the boundless wonder encapsulated in your skin. Take shelter in the sacred home within your bones. Move, dance, love, eat, and celebrate all that you are. You are a miracle. In this body you will birth magic and bring light to this world.

This body is a conduit for the soul.

 You are the channel for love. 

With Love, 


You are beautiful.


What if we viewed ourselves,

not as we should be,

but as we already are. 

Eradicating walls of delusion constructed by fear,

what if we disregard the rules we believe define us?

You are beautiful. 

Not because you are pretty. 

Not because of your body shape, your weight, whitened teeth or colored hair. 

Your beauty is not physical.

You are not your hair, your eyes, your size, your smile. 

Through this body we are able to convey our true beauty, love. 



Take a deep breath. 

Open your eyes.

You are already everything you seek. 

You are beautiful. 

With Love, 



Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia


She woke up.

And in the midst of her darkness,

She let go.

She let go of all that she knew about herself.

She surrendered to soft whispers of truth.

Cradled in the arms of acceptance,

she was released from the grasp of self-inflicted pain.

Enveloped in a love unconditioned by the limitations of her human mind,

she felt whole. 

She opened her eyes.

Stepping outside the boundaries of self,

she began to shed old habits.

Discarding restrictive beliefs,

she found freedom.

She welcomed change.

Awakened to the idea of a quantum leap in her existence,

She jumped.

Rocketed into a new dimension, 

she found liberation in a realm of vast possibilities.

She began to see the world for all that it was. 

Sweat drips from her brows as she walks underneath a roaring sphere of flame. 

Skin drinking in sweet rays of sunshine,

She stops.

And listens,

to the sound of her heart.

Each pause between beats, 

reminds her of the stillness within.

Eternity residing within her bones,

equivalent to the serenity of endless space.

As within, 

Is without.

She began to breathe.

She woke up.

And for the first time in her life...

reality was better than her dreams.

Visualization Practice and Releasing Prayer

Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake Tahoe, CA

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Just because we hold the vast lightness of spirit does not mean we are forever relieved of darkness. This life brings contrast. Growth occurs in the acknowledgment, ownership, and acceptance of the feelings that arise in our daily lives. When we are agitated by the actions of our fellows, we are directed to the dark parts of ourselves that need light. We are unable to reach our highest potential when we are weighed down with resentment. This life is precious. You deserve freedom. You are light and you deserve to shine.

We will not be rid of the emotions that come along with this human experience. Through the daily practice of acceptance we say yes to a radical shift in perspective. This initiates on a cellular level and ripples out to our surroundings. Do you want to see a change in the world? Start here. Start with yourself. Start in the present moment and see what becomes of it. 

Below you will find my visualization exercise for releasing blockages. I engage in this practice nightly to clear anything obstructing me from the flow of life. Even in moments of resistance, this prayer has continued to aid in my return to serenity. This practice helps me align with the light of my true self so that I may act as an extension of love. 

I hope it provides the same magic for you.  

Releasing Prayer  

First, think of the person or institution that is causing you discomfort. Picture them standing in front of you, arms to their side, palms up. Repeat the following sentence. 

I pray for (insert name here)

Imagine this person enveloped in a soft, blanket of white light energy. Visualize this energy wrapping around their entire body like a warm, oversized, fuzzy, blanket. Picture them smiling in the comfort of this light energy. Then repeat the following sentences. 

May they be surrounded by unconditional love.

May they know peace, serenity, and tranquility.

Next, picture this person joyfully interacting with others. See them laughing until their cheeks hurt. Speak the following sentence.

May they know connection and joy.

Finally, picture this person feeling completely connected to the universe. Picture them attaining a sense of worth, contentment, and inner peace. Visualize this person participating in the activities that make you feel the most connected. For me, I feel at peace when I am doing yoga, drinking tea, or meditating. To end the visualization prayer I say the following, but feel free to substitute for whatever feels right for you. 

May they sip tea, do yoga, and know their truth.

At the end of this visualization deeply inhale while imagining love and white light energy enveloping your entire body. On the exhale, send this cloud of white light energy to this person or institution. On your next inhale, gently release this energy and bring your awareness back to your body. Thank yourself for participating in this exercise, for stepping out of darkness and into the light.  

With Love,