Visualization Practice and Releasing Prayer

Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake Tahoe, CA

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

Just because we hold the vast lightness of spirit does not mean we are forever relieved of darkness. This life brings contrast. Growth occurs in the acknowledgment, ownership, and acceptance of the feelings that arise in our daily lives. When we are agitated by the actions of our fellows, we are directed to the dark parts of ourselves that need light. We are unable to reach our highest potential when we are weighed down with resentment. This life is precious. You deserve freedom. You are light and you deserve to shine.

We will not be rid of the emotions that come along with this human experience. Through the daily practice of acceptance we say yes to a radical shift in perspective. This initiates on a cellular level and ripples out to our surroundings. Do you want to see a change in the world? Start here. Start with yourself. Start in the present moment and see what becomes of it. 

Below you will find my visualization exercise for releasing blockages. I engage in this practice nightly to clear anything obstructing me from the flow of life. Even in moments of resistance, this prayer has continued to aid in my return to serenity. This practice helps me align with the light of my true self so that I may act as an extension of love. 

I hope it provides the same magic for you.  

Releasing Prayer  

First, think of the person or institution that is causing you discomfort. Picture them standing in front of you, arms to their side, palms up. Repeat the following sentence. 

I pray for (insert name here)

Imagine this person enveloped in a soft, blanket of white light energy. Visualize this energy wrapping around their entire body like a warm, oversized, fuzzy, blanket. Picture them smiling in the comfort of this light energy. Then repeat the following sentences. 

May they be surrounded by unconditional love.

May they know peace, serenity, and tranquility.

Next, picture this person joyfully interacting with others. See them laughing until their cheeks hurt. Speak the following sentence.

May they know connection and joy.

Finally, picture this person feeling completely connected to the universe. Picture them attaining a sense of worth, contentment, and inner peace. Visualize this person participating in the activities that make you feel the most connected. For me, I feel at peace when I am doing yoga, drinking tea, or meditating. To end the visualization prayer I say the following, but feel free to substitute for whatever feels right for you. 

May they sip tea, do yoga, and know their truth.

At the end of this visualization deeply inhale while imagining love and white light energy enveloping your entire body. On the exhale, send this cloud of white light energy to this person or institution. On your next inhale, gently release this energy and bring your awareness back to your body. Thank yourself for participating in this exercise, for stepping out of darkness and into the light.  

With Love,