Resolution Now

The end of 2017 provided a flood of personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Life's ever changing pace offers the potential to expand in higher frequencies, love on deeper levels and learn through humility.

This New Year's Eve, I was lucky enough to watch the last rays of sun settle under the San Francisco bay with my closest friend, Mikaela. 


Born exactly six months apart, Mikaela and I have grown over the years in love and laughter.


On New Year's Eve we connected through intimate conversation, disclosing our hopes, fears, and dreams. We reviewed moments we weren’t proud of and areas we would like to grow. We considered the limitless possibilities of the universe and recalled miracles that have occurred in our lives. 

Later on that evening I spent some time reflecting on the concept of New Year's resolutions with a group of incredible people. The message that came through that night was unanimous. Instead of searching for resolution once a year, true change can be found in the now.

We hold the power of the present moment to review and rewrite our existence. When we shift from within we cultivate change in our external environment. From this place our resolutions resonate throughout the world. In mindful reflection we can take any action necessary to expand to our fullest potential. Right now, we have the opportunity to begin again.

Every breath we take provides the gift of new life.


Take a deep breath. 

As we inhale-our lungs fill with oxygen, providing life to our cells and allowing our bodies to experience yet another moment in this world.

Exhale-we release into the atmosphere all that no longer serves our bodies. 

Inhale-and we are back in the present moment.

This moment is here for our prosperity. 

What will we make of it?


With Love,