Hi there!

My name is Brianna. If you follow me on Instagram, you may know me as @briannnasage. I am a digital marketing strategist, media content creator, writer, health & wellness enthusiast, & yogi, passionate about female entrepreneurship & women creating impactful work through inspired dreams.

I am excited to officially announce I will be utilizing my website as a platform focused on empowering all those who identify as women to embrace their fullest potential through personal and professional growth.  This website will be a space for inspired women around the world to build and grow digital projects, creative pursuits and passion interests.

Creating a space for women on the rise to learn and grow with one another has been something of interest to me for so long and I am absolutely thrilled to be shifting the focus of my website to better align with my own personal passions, goals, and dreams. My hope with this website is that women around the world are inspired to take the courageous leap of personal and professional growth by following their true hearts desire and seeing their passions come to life. 

Because the world needs your project, your art, your word. And the world needs more creative, passionate people building positive impact from a space of courageous spontaneity and kindness. The more individuals that are dedicated to building their passions from a place of love the greater impact can be made to harness goodness in the world by fostering positive creativity in the collective community. 

Because. YOU. matter.

To kick start this evolution I have built three upcoming creative initiatives surrounding a new campaign I am launching, the #buildwithlove campaign! This campaign is meant to encourage the creation of impactful work by walking through the boundaries of fear to build creative projects on a foundation of love. 

#buildwithlove women on the rise.png

The best news about the #buildwithlove campaign is just this- all creative pursuits are welcomed! The #buildwithlove campaign is meant to inspire you to create meaningful work and share your passions with the world. 

Be it a passion project, artwork, that one song you have been meaning to write but just can’t get to it, an impactful social post, studying for an exam, preparing for an upcoming work deliverable, the #buildeithlove campaign initiatives are designed to empower you to create impactful work for the benefit of yourself and your community. 

Over the course of 3 weeks I will be posting a series of blog posts paired with free worksheets that will guide you through strategic tips and suggested actions to fully enable you to create meaningful work and #buildwithlove.

I look forward to hearing how you use this campaign to build impactful work through the heart. If you’re already starting a project you would like to incorporate in the #buildwithlove initiative, use the #buildwithlove hashtag on your Instagram post or story and tag @briannnasage on Instagram to share how YOU are building your passions with a courageous heart!

With Love,