Radical Self-Love


We have one body. Muscles gently hold our bones in place providing strength and stability as we explore this earth. Our hearts carry rhythmic pulses of energy through intercalated cells. Vital life source surges through the rivers of our arteries and veins. Light participates in a delicate dance of reflection and absorption with the outside world birthing chromatic colors of the universe. Our brains receive intricate signals from the external environment and interpret each into significance. Beauty, love, and joy manifest in our bodies, forming a representation of our true spiritual nature.

At our essence we are of the divine. Our senses provide means for experience and connection. Feelings of joy, sadness, and even fear are all meant to connect us back with our center principal, love. We have one body. It is our responsibility to greet our bodies with sincerity, compassion, and radical self-love. You do not need to change. You have nothing to prove. Your body is a miracle in itself. Embrace the boundless wonder encapsulated in your skin. Take shelter in the sacred home within your bones. Move, dance, love, eat, and celebrate all that you are. You are a miracle. In this body you will birth magic and bring light to this world.

This body is a conduit for the soul.

 You are the channel for love. 

With Love,